After the Wayne County Memorial Building burned in 2004, the Trustees met regularly and consulted with veterans and interested citizens to determine future plans for the property. The land and 1925 building had been made possible by generous gifts from throughout the county, and the sole purpose had been to build a living memorial which would honor and forever remember those from here who had lost their lives in war. At a public meeting held in January, 2009, many veterans and other citizens expressed the opinion that this “hallowed ground” should continue being a memorial as it was originally intended. Later that year, after lengthy thought and study, the Trustees launched the Wayne County Veterans Memorial project in Goldsboro, NC.

Insurance proceeds from the destruction of the Community Building were used to bring this new project into reality without involving any tax funds. Early on, the Trustees engaged the services of Landscape Architect Jim Davis, originally from Eureka, NC, to work with them in formulating the vision and creating the design. The general contractor, D. S. Simmons Co., agreed with our desire to use local sub-contractors, and Landscape Design of Goldsboro North Carolina is responsible for the landscape installation. Many extra hours and material were contributed by all involved in the project.

The emphasis on the design is formal enough to honor those who died to protect the liberties we enjoy, yet inviting enough to welcome visitors. Here all can find a place for rest, reflection, and solace. Our intent is that this space be actively used for veterans’ activities, community events, concerts, and visits by Scouts, schools, and other civic groups, thus continuing its role as a living memorial.

It is our hope that the Memorial honor those who have died, but also instill an understanding and respect for the sacrifi ces made on our behalf by past generations.